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  • Government declares that the introduction of RAB formula for tariffs should not affect utility bills of consumers
    posted 31 July 2017 11:20

    The introduction of stimulating tariff regulation, so called RAB (Regulatory Asset Base) regulation for distribution of electricity and transportation to transmission networks should not affect tariffs for population. The National Commission for State Regulation of Energy and Public Utilities (NCSREPU) hasn’t held consultations on this issue with the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, hence the Government insists that the legal framework elaborated by the said Commission ought to be discussed with government officials and the public.

    The National Commission for State Regulation of the Energy and Public Utilities is an independent Regulator for state regulation, monitoring and control of economic agents in energy and public utilities sectors. However, all pioneer propositions should be primarily discussed with government officials, the public and market participants.

    The Government of Ukraine shares the idea for the energy modernization of regional power distribution companies and leverage investment in the development of electrical grids. Such innovation should by no means be implemented at the expense of Ukrainian families in the form of increased electricity tariffs. It is essential to make a thorough examination of legislative framework elaborated by the NCSREPU and if it will be necessary to amend the said proposal.