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  • If local authorities develop understanding of the need to invest in people's lives, they will achieve progress, says the PM
    posted 07 March 2017 16:33

    Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman participated in the opening of the Department of anesthesiology and reanimation of city clinical hospital №1 in Vinnytsia.

    The Head of Government assessed sophisticated equipment and high quality of the reconstruction activities. "This has proved possible due to two reasons: the understanding by local authorities of the need to invest in the quality of life of Ukrainians and health services" and the financial decentralization”, he said.

    "It's not just the repair – it is the standard. This means investment in the health of Ukrainians: to operate quickly and efficiently with quality anesthesia, monitoring, to perform intensive care duties to make people recover as soon as possible", said Volodymyr Groysman after visiting facilities of the hospital.

    "I will not allow anyone to make us see everything through rose-colored glasses, so that we considered “European repair standards” in the process of construction as the modernization of this or that medical institution somewhere. We must invest in quality. Quality will have a positive impact on the health of Ukrainians. This is a fundamentally important issue", stressed the Prime Minister.

    Renovation of the facilities began in September of 2016. To carry out construction activities and purchase equipment there was allocated the sum worth almost UAH 45 million from the local budget. This became possible due to the financial decentralization reform.

    Department of anesthesiology and intensive therapy of the surgical unit have obtained modern equipment that is unique for Ukraine.

    “Local budgets currently possess sufficient resource to implement such projects. The budgets are growing at serious pace. If the authorities develop economic approach and understanding, they will achieve progress”, summed up the Prime Minister.