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  • Occupants continue attacking Adiyivka and its outskirts, using weapons prohibited by Minsk agreements
    posted 27 February 2017 10:16

    According to the Ukrainian party of JCCC (Joint Centre for Control and Co-ordination), as of 16.30, February 26, pro-Russian armed groups continue attacks of Ukrainian Armed Forces positions, peaceful settlements and key infrastructure along the front line. The situation in the area of Avdiyivka is especially hard.

    During this period, the enemy shelled Avdiyivka with 20 125-mm tank shells, 20 120-mm mines and 37 82-mm mines flagrantly violating the Minsk agreements. As a result, on February 24, the Makiyivka-Avdiyivka Coke Plant power line was damaged and the city was left without electricity.

    In addition, the Donetsk filtration plant stopped to work because of occupants’ shelling that damaged the chlorine pipe and other main elements of the facility, which provides drinking water to more than 600 thousand civilians in Avdiyivka, Yasynuvata and Donetsk.

    Armed Forces of Ukraine, as well as military and civilian administrations took all measures to fulfill repair works. However, the works could not be carried out for the past 48 hours due to the occupants’ refusal to provide security. The Russian party of JCCC did not ensure implementation of emergency repair works to restore electricity and water supply to Avdiyivka.

    These actions of pro-Russian militants once again flagrantly violate international law, openly ignore provisions of the Minsk agreements and deliberately set the stage for the deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Avdiyivka.