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  • Volodymyr Groysman congratulated Ukrainian citizens on the Day of Dignity and Freedom
    posted 21 November 2016 09:11

    Fellow compatriots!

    We annually celebrate the Day of Dignity and Freedom on November 21 when the Orange Revolution and the Revolution of Dignity broke out. This is a fairly young date in our national calendar, however it marks the unprecedented courage of the entire Ukrainian society and no less unprecedented tradition of patriotism having been demonstrated by the Ukrainian citizens while fighting for their freedom, rights, defending their dignity and statehood.

    At the beginning of the XXI century, in the 2004-2005 and 2013-2014, the Ukrainian people showed off to the entire world their indomitable will in protecting the values of democracy, open society, fundamental human rights. Particularly dramatic were the events during the Revolution of Dignity. Millions of our compatriots – young people, students, representatives of older generations - resolutely rose against the criminal regime, which had intended to push Ukraine back into the dubious past by suppressing freedom of speech, media, business, preventing the democratic processes.

    Unfortunately, freedom and dignity sometimes cost a lot. The Ukrainians paid a high price. We will never forget those dark days of winter of 2014: January 22, when first protesters in Maidan were killed, and February 18-20, when the whole world was stirred up by mass shootings of demonstrators by the henchmen of the criminal regime. We bow low before our compatriots, who heroically died in that unequal struggle. The bright memory of Heroes of the Heavenly Hundred and the pain of losing our best citizens have united all Ukrainians, united all parts of our country.

    The Day of Dignity and Freedom is our common memory, the commemoration of the struggle of all Ukrainians. And today we are celebrating this Day, having no doubt of our common intentions and our common goal: the realization of a democratic and successful country.

    Despite the challenges connected with the economic war and external military aggression by Russia, Ukraine remains determined and is gradually advancing along the path of structural reforms. Not everything could be done at once, but qualitative changes are being introduced, important decisions are gradually implemented and their economic and social potential will soon become tangible. Ukraine has emerged from economic slowdon and the basis for sustainable economic growth is being laid: favourable business environment is being created, the rule of law established and corruption being rooted out, public governance and services modernized, industrial potential of the country being restored, welfare standards improved.

    I wish each Ukrainian citizen, each Ukrainian family a peaceful sky, prosperity and harmony in homes, faith and confidence in the future!


    Prime Minister of Ukraine                                                                       Volodymyr GROYSMAN