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  • 'Due to housing subsidy 80% of income of low-income families will be preserved, regardless of the sum in the bills' says PM
    posted 08 November 2016 15:07

    Housing allowance is a real compensation when paying for utilities enabling households with low income to save 80% of their earnings for other purposes, regardless of the sum in the bills. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman during a teleconference dedicated to the housing subsidy programme on Tuesday.

    The Prime Minister noted that housing subsidy and installment plan for payment for housing and communal services are compensation mechanisms allowing limiting expenditures for Ukrainian families, for the households in need of such assistance after the introduction of market gas prices.

    "What is needed from the authorities is to provide information and to ensure identification of each family to ensure this particular family be assigned such compensation," said Volodymyr Groysman.

    "Current tariffs are rather a challenge, I understand that, but for each Ukrainian family that is in need subsidy means the allowance, the installment plan means an opportunity of deferred payment," explained the Prime Minister.