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  • Prime Minister: Competent authorities should check all the facts in e-declarations of officials on the legality of sources of funds
    posted 03 November 2016 17:41

    Competent authorities should check all the data of electronic tax returns (e-declaration) of officials and get an explanation concerning the sources of income declared in tax return in order to identify illicit enrichment and to punish the guilty. This was started by PM speaking to journalists in Kyiv.

    “All the facts in e-declarations must be checked, - said the Prime Minister. Everyone has to give a very clear explanation of sources of revenue [declared assets and property]. If there was any abuse, then people must be punished.”

    "Of course, if the person has worked for 15-20-30 years in power and he whether she has any fabulous revenues, it is obviously, he ought to explain," the Head of Government said.

    In this context, the Prime Minister warned, you should not paint with the same brush. Some officials had worked in business previously and had a certain status before starting work in the public service, he said.

    The Prime Minister said that he also used to engage in business activity during 1995-2005 years, so these gave him financial independence.

    He noted that the introduction of e-declaration of public servants has become an effective anti-corruption step that will make “certain delimitation between the past, present and future”.

    Volodymyr Groysman stressed that he was involved in the foundation of еру system of electronic declaration and contributed to the adoption of all necessary decisions during his chairmanship in the Parliament.

    In addition, the Prime Minister said: "My Government had done everything to ensure that this process was not derailed".