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  • Congratulation of Prime Minister of Ukraine on the Day of Defender of Ukraine
    posted 14 October 2016 10:00

    Fellow Ukrainian citizens!

    Heartily congratulate the defenders of independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Ukraine.

    Throughout the history, the 14th of October has always marked the Ukrainian military valour, which symbolizes the inseparable connection of all generations of Ukraine’s defenders, in particular the warriors of the princely era, the Cossack era, the years of struggle for the independence of Ukraine in the XX century and the current defenders of the Motherland.

    Many defenders of Ukraine are at the forefront in the area of anti-terror operations or have recently returned back. It is them on whom the safety of our society, territorial integrity of the country depends. Our warriors took up arms not to conquer foreign lands, but to protect our homeland from the enemy. They are protecting the most valuable which is the independence of our country and peaceful childhood for our children.

    Deeds of the fearless Ukrainian fighters are legendary and well known all over the world. Great honor to all our defenders, sincere gratitude for the patriotism, courage and selfless love for the Motherland. Ukraine will always be proud of its soldiers!

    The duty of the Government is to ensure a reliable support for our soldiers: to introduce key structural reforms, namely decentralization, energy independence, combating corruption, legal reform, development of economy, industry, education, culture, science and healthcare system. To make a successful and European Ukraine, we are dreaming about and our defenders protecting by force of arms, become a reality.

    I wish all the defenders and their families good health, happiness, harmony, prosperity, success, and unwavering faith in our victory!

    Glory to Ukraine!



    Prime Minister of Ukraine                                             Volodymyr GROYSMAN