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  • 111 energy companies receive necessary equipment thanks to effective cooperation of Ministry of Energy with international partners
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 24 March 2023 11:32

    The energy equipment provided to Ukraine by international partners helps to restore energy supply to thousands of Ukrainians.

    This was emphasized by Deputy Minister of Energy of Ukraine Farid Safarov during an online event organized by the Energy Community Secretariat to attract private companies from the G7 countries to aid the energy sector of Ukraine.

    "Humanitarian relief to the energy sector has already been provided by 30 countries. These are 470 cargoes with a total weight of about 6,000 tonnes. The Ministry of Energy has distributed humanitarian aid to 111 energy sector enterprises," said the Deputy Minister.

    Farid Safarov noted that one of the main tasks of the Working Group on the organization of humanitarian aid under the Ministry of Energy is to process requests from energy sector enterprises for the provision and distribution of humanitarian aid, as well as to select critical equipment in accordance with the priority criteria of the procurement procedure.

    The Deputy Minister reminded that on the initiative of the European Commission and in agreement with the Ministry of Energy, the Energy Community Secretariat had established the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine, which allows governments, international financial institutions and international organizations, as well as private donors to provide emergency financial support for the Ukrainian energy sector. The Fund is managed by the Energy Community Secretariat while procurement is carried out by USAID under transparent, fast and efficient procedures.

    As of today, the special account of the Energy Support Fund for Ukraine has over EUR 151 million. The Working Group of the Ministry of Energy has already approved a list of equipment, fuel and services worth more than EUR 137 million to be supplied to 41 energy companies under the procurement procedure at the expense of the Fund. New requests are being prepared for the remaining funds from energy companies involved in the production, transmission, distribution of electricity, storage, distribution and transportation of natural gas, as well as mining companies.