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  • Over a year of war, russia destroyed and damaged USD 2.5 billion worth of medical facilities: World Bank study
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 24 March 2023 14:56

    Since the first day of the war, russia has been striking at medical infrastructure almost daily. According to the World Bank, the enemy has already destroyed more than USD 2.5 billion worth of medical facilities in Ukraine. At least 978 medical facilities have been destroyed or damaged by the occupiers’ missiles and shells. Also, 650 ambulances and at least 596 pharmacies were damaged or destroyed. These data are presented in the World Bank’s Ukraine Rapid Damage and Needs Assessment report, presented at an online meeting of the MoH’s Sectoral Working Group on Health with the participation of international partners.

    russia inflicted the most damage to medical infrastructure in four regions: in Donetsk region, the damage is estimated at USD 768 million, in Kharkiv region – USD 618 million, in Chernihiv region – USD 259 million, and in Luhansk region – at least USD 188 million.

    According to Health Minister Viktor Liashko, the Ministry’s team is consolidating efforts with international partners to comprehensively assess the losses to the healthcare system caused by the russian invasion.

    “The 13 most difficult months in the history of our country have passed. Months of russia’s continued terrorist attacks on our hospitals, outpatient clinics and pharmacies. Now it is extremely important for us to clearly understand what financial losses we have incurred and to see this data by region. This will allow us to prioritise resources for recovery where they will be most effective and will allow us to restore patients’ access to medical care as much as possible,” Viktor Liashko said.

    In 2023 alone, Ukraine will need at least USD 640 million to restore access to healthcare and reconstruct medical facilities.

    In total, the needs to restore the healthcare system in the aftermath of the war currently amount to USD 16.4 billion.