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  • European Commission together with the Ministry of Culture held a TAIEX workshop on European practices for the development of creative industries
    Ministry of Culture of Ukraine, posted 18 September 2018 16:41

    On September 18, there took place the TAIEX workshop organized by the European Commission in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture of Ukraine on studying the EU Legislation, the national legislation and the  best practices for the development and support of cultural and creative industries.

    The seminar was aimed at studying  the European Union and national legislation, best practices for development and support of cultural and creative industries, implementation of European experience in Ukraine in order to develop changes in the legislative framework.

    Minister of Culture of Ukraine Yevhen Nishchuk emphasized the importance of participation of representatives of regional anf local administrations as well as experts in cultural, social, educational  and tourism issues.

    "This seminar is a good opportunity to get acquainted with the innovative experience and enshrine it in the formation and implementation of our policies. Cultural and creative industries increase the quality of human capital,boost the tourist attractiveness of regions, create additional jobs with inclusive potential. It is important to apply the experience gained herein the regions: thanks to the synergy of culture, education and tourism, we can solve many burning problems", the Minister said.

    Yevhen Nishchuk also noted that the creative industry is a promising export sector of the economy, which has additional prospects to contribute to the improvement of Ukraine’s image abroad. And the development of creative industries is a logical step for Ukraine in light of the tendencies of the global economy, which is concentrated in innovation and information capital. In particular, the development of creative industries and the creation of favorable conditions for the formation of a creative economy is one of the priorities of the Ministry of Culture.