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  • Viktor Liashko: Our goal is to build back better
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 11 May 2023 15:40

    Restoring the medical infrastructure is one of the key aspects of ensuring the availability of healthcare. However, we must not only rebuild what has been destroyed. This was emphasised by Minister of Health Viktor Liashko during a meeting with the heads of healthcare departments of the frontline regional military administrations.

    “According to our latest data, by May 2023, 1,451 medical infrastructure facilities in 591 healthcare institutions were damaged. So the burden on the medical system is increasing. We must respond quickly to ensure that medical care remains accessible to everyone who needs it. However, the reconstruction cannot be chaotic. We are committed to a comprehensive, systemic approach. Given the limited resources, we need to address this issue in a way that makes the most efficient use of resources and synchronises everyone’s work. We are talking about so-called rapid recovery projects and more global issues. Quality, accessibility and free medical care for patients is the starting point for all our decisions,” noted Viktor Liashko.

    Damage to the healthcare sector as a result of the war has already been estimated at USD 2.5 billion. Actual losses are likely to be higher due to incomplete or missing reporting of private sector assets and damaged facilities in the temporarily occupied territories.

    Recovery and development needs over the next 10 years, including construction and reconstruction, are estimated at a total of USD 16.4 billion. Of this amount, USD 3.6 billion is needed to restore the healthcare system and meet short- and medium-term healthcare needs.

    Rapid recovery projects have already rehabilitated 254 facilities in 138 healthcare institutions. Implementation of a further 31 projects is ongoing. In addition, active preparations are underway for the global restoration of medical infrastructure.