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  • Government approves subvention for purchase of school buses and arrangement of shelters in educational institutions
    Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine, posted 03 May 2023 15:39

    On 28 April 2023, the Government approved the provision of a subvention from the state budget to local budgets for the purchase of school buses and the arrangement of safe conditions in general secondary education institutions.

    "According to our data, about 30% of general secondary education institutions in Ukraine do not have shelters. Therefore, UAH 1.5 billion of the state subvention will go to local budgets to create safe conditions in secondary education institutions. These funds are distributed among the regions based on the number of students studying in distance and blended learning formats.

    Another UAH 1 billion of the state subvention is earmarked for the purchase of school buses. This money was distributed among the regions in proportion to the number of students who need transportation to educational institutions. As of today, it is approximately 300,000 children across the country," said Minister of Education and Science Oksen Lisovyi.

    According to the Government's decision, the subvention will be used to purchase school buses, including those specially equipped to transport people with reduced mobility, as well as to implement projects related to the construction, reconstruction, restoration and overhaul of civil defence facilities in the Armed Forces of Ukraine.

    The school buses will be used to transport students and teachers to educational institutions where the educational process is organised in full-time and mixed forms of education and which are equipped with shelters.

    School buses will be allocated to educational institutions in the following order:

    - hub general secondary educational institutions (GSEI) with at least 100 students, whose school buses were destroyed as a result of the armed aggression of the russian federation or transferred to military needs;

    - hub GSEIs with a number of students of at least 200, where students from settlements where educational institutions are destroyed or damaged study;

    - hub GSEIs with a number of students of at least 200 people, which will be established during 2023;

    - other hub GSEIs with at least 200 students;

    - other GSEI with at least 100 students that are optimised, merged, reorganised or will be optimised, merged or reorganised during 2023.

    Protective structures will be equipped in hub educational institutions with a total number of students of at least 200, and other general secondary schools - at least 350 students. The subvention will be used to equip protective structures in those educational institutions that do not have them or have shelters that need major repairs.

    Schools with children with special educational needs have a priority right to be provided with buses.

    As a reminder, the Verkhovna Rada passed a law that will improve the quality of higher education in Ukraine.