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  • Government and EU work together on ACAA agreement in first priority sectors
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 25 April 2023 12:39

    Recently, the Ministry of Economy initiated an international forum entitled “ACAA as a tool for Ukraine’s economic recovery: dialogue with business”, which was attended by Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine Oleksandr Gryban. The event was dedicated to highlighting the preparations for the conclusion of the ACAA agreement (“industrial visa-free regime”).

    “This event is very important for the Ministry of Economy, especially for business representatives interested in manufacturing and exporting industrial products. The war has affected all sectors of the Ukrainian economy and created new challenges for all types of businesses. Traditional challenges for large enterprises include access to new markets and foreign capital. Businesses need support to prepare to operate under EU rules, in particular, to improve compliance with industry standards, laws and regulations to enter the EU market,” said Oleksandr Gryban.

    At present, the Ministry of Economy, together with other central executive bodies and representatives of all elements of the quality infrastructure, continues to work on concluding the ACAA agreement in the first three sectors of industrial products. These are low-voltage electrical equipment, electromagnetic compatibility of equipment, and machinery. Prioritising export sectors, especially in high value-added industries, is an important growth driver to achieve quick and effective results in attracting investment, fostering innovation, promoting research and development, and retraining the workforce..

    With Ukraine gaining the status of an EU candidate country, it is expected that the commitments undertaken by Ukraine under the EU-Ukraine Association Agreement will be completed, in particular, the harmonisation of the Ukrainian technical regulation system with the European one and the conclusion of the ACAA agreement.

    “It is worth noting that the choice of sectors should be based on the desire to expand Ukraine’s export capabilities and the availability of the necessary sectoral legislation in a given area,” said Oleksandr Gryban, Deputy Minister of Economy of Ukraine.

    During the Forum, one of the international experts presented the Calidena methodology developed and implemented by the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB) to promote quality in value chains, which aims to systematically and continuously support the improvement of the national quality infrastructure in developing and transition countries.

    “Reconstruction should also be used to invest in sustainable companies and infrastructure. Increasing exports, deepening value chains and establishing industrial production in the sectors covered by the ACAA will create opportunities for further economic development,” said Deputy Minister Oleksandr Gryban.

    The event was attended by representatives of central executive bodies, industrial producers interested in exporting their products to the EU, leading European and international experts, including representatives of the Delegation of the European Union to Ukraine, the German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ), the Swedish Institute for Standards (SIS), the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO), a technical assistance project supported by the German Federal Institute of Physics and Technology (PTB), the Twinning project “Strengthening the Institutional Capacity of the Ministry of Economy in the field of National Quality Infrastructure”, and others.