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  • Ukraine receives humanitarian aid within IAEA Response and Assistance Network
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 24 January 2023 10:42

    The Ministry of Health of Ukraine has received a humanitarian shipment of personal protective equipment and dosimetry devices from the Government of Germany with the coordination and logistical support of the IAEA. The humanitarian aid was sent to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention to ensure nuclear and radiation safety. Priority was given to the regions with nuclear power plants or those close to them.

    This assistance is provided to Ukraine within the IAEA Response and Assistance Network (RANET) pursuant to the provisions of the Convention on Assistance in the Case of a Nuclear Accident or Radiological Emergency.

    At this time, Ukraine received:

    • 210 protective suits,
    • 900 nitrile gloves,
    • 200 fabric gloves,
    • 200 packages of respiratory masks,
    • 400 protective shoe covers,
    • 2 gamma-neutron pagers.

    We thank our colleagues from partner countries who continue to support Ukraine during russia’s aggressive war against our country. This assistance enables us to comply with the principles of nuclear and radiation safety and allows us to constantly monitor the environment.

    As a reminder, in November 2022, Ukraine received 260 dosimeters from the French government within RANET.