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  • Situation in energy system on 29 November
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 29 November 2023 12:34

    A 180 MW TPP unit has come out of scheduled maintenance, there is no electricity shortage in the power system

    Power generation and consumption

    A unit of one of the TPPs has come out of scheduled maintenance. It will add an additional 180 MW of capacity to the grid.

    No electricity deficit has been recorded in the power system and is not expected for the current day. The maximum consumption was recorded at 16:50 yesterday.

    At night, due to severe weather conditions, hydraulic units at one of the hydroelectric power plants were briefly shut down due to a falling debris. All of them are currently in operation.

    This situation did not affect the stability of electricity supply. The electricity generated by the power plants is sufficient to meet the needs of all consumers. No electricity restrictions are applied in any of the regions.

    The situation is under control. The power system is balanced.

    Consequences of shelling

    The shelling partially destroyed a coal mine building in Donetsk region. Four employees of the company were trapped under the rubble. Three women sustained mild to moderate mechanical injuries, and one woman was seriously injured.

    In addition, a line service engineer sustained shrapnel wounds while performing his duties during the shelling in Donetsk region.

    A community in Mykolaiv region was shelled. Gas supply to more than 100 customers was cut off.

    A settlement in Sumy region was also shelled. The gas supply pipeline was damaged. Repairs are underway.

    The hostilities also damaged gas distribution pipelines in Dnipropetrovsk region. Work is underway to restore gas supply.

    Situation at the ZNPP

    The water level in the ZNPP cooling pond remains at 15.68 metres. This is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.


    Electricity imports totalled 716 MWh. No exports were made.