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  • Situation in energy system as of 25 March
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 25 March 2024 10:50

    Enemy attacked power facilities in Odesa region – emergency power outages introduced in the region; no shortage at present


    Power engineers continue to work to eliminate the consequences of the enemy attack on energy facilities. The system is operating in a balanced manner and there is no shortage of electricity.

    Generating equipment at one of the thermal power plants was shut down for technological reasons. At the same time, a thermal generation unit was put back into operation after emergency repairs. Commercial electricity imports are also planned.


    Yesterday, following the instructions of NPC Ukrenergo dispatchers, schedules of emergency and hourly power outages were applied in Kryvyi Rih and Odesa region.

    A substation of NPC Ukrenergo was damaged after a night attack by enemy drones in Odesa region. As a result, 195,000 consumers lost power. To reduce the load on the grid, power engineers are forced to use emergency power cuts in the region. Electric transport has also been suspended, and industrial power consumption has been limited. If power equipment and grids cannot withstand the load, the number of de-energised consumers may increase.

    A wind farm and a local thermal power plant were also shut down as a result of the strike in Odesa region.

    In addition, the enemy attacked a substation of NPC Ukrenergo in Mykolaiv region. The consequences of the attack are being assessed.

    In Khmelnytskyi region, all consumers have been supplied with electricity, but grid restrictions may be introduced during peak electricity consumption hours (in the morning and evening).

    A fire and a gas leak have been contained at a gas facility in Lviv region that was attacked by the enemy. The situation is under control. There is no threat to gas supplies to consumers.


    The water level in the cooling pond is 15.52 metres. This is sufficient to meet the needs of the plant.


    For the current day, electricity imports are forecast at 14,887 MWh. No exports are planned.