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  • US sanctions against the russian aerospace forces as the result of enhanced cooperation on sanctions policy
    Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, posted 11 December 2022 09:36

    The sanctions imposed by the United States against the russian aerospace forces are, in particular, the result of strengthening cooperation between Ukraine and its allies on sanctions policy, said First Deputy Prime Minister - Minister of Economy of Ukraine Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    "This is very good news for our defenders and for Ukraine. Firstly, the new sanctions significantly reduce the capabilities of the army of the terrorist state. Secondly, they demonstrate the effectiveness of cooperation between Ukraine and our allies in strengthening sanctions pressure.

    Ukraine constantly exchanges relevant information with partners at different levels. In particular, such exchange takes place at the level of the Yermak-McFaul group, intelligence agencies. We also share information that is processed, inter alia, by our Interagency Working Group (IWG) on the implementation of sanctions policy and becomes the basis for the imposition of sanctions by Ukraine," said Yuliia Svyrydenko, who is the head of the IWG.

    According to the Minister of Economy of Ukraine, during her recent meetings with the U.S. Department of State Sanctions Coordinator, Ambassador James O'Brien in Washington and Kyiv, they discussed, in particular, measures that would stop russia from receiving drones, high-tech components for the manufacture of weapons, missiles, etc.

    "Now we have the result of joint efforts of all Ukrainian bodies engaged in dialogue with the allies and our foreign partners," said Yuliia Svyrydenko.

    The United States imposed sanctions against:

    russian Aerospace Forces;

    924th State Center of Unmanned Aviation;

    Military Transport Aviation Command.

    These three structures are associated with receiving drones from Iran and using them in the war against Ukraine.

    These are not the first restrictions related to the manufacture, supply and use of Iranian UAVs. In particular, in November (also based on the results of information exchange and cooperation with Ukraine), the United States imposed sanctions against Iranian companies responsible for the development and manufacture of drones used by russia in Ukraine; persons who supplied UAVs to russia and russian paramilitary forces.

    Also, at its meeting on December 9, the Ukrainian Interagency Working Group on the Implementation of Sanctions Policy recommended to submit to the National Security and Defense Council proposals for sanctions against russian companies and individuals involved in the production of drones in russia.