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  • Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a session of the Government
    Communications Department of the Secretariat of the CMU, posted 13 July 2022 19:40

    Today, together with part of the government team, we are staying in Chernihiv region, and we are actually holding our meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers from here.

    russian troops have caused widespread destruction to the city of Chernihiv and the region and left a lot of scars. The objective of the Government and local authorities is to implement the first stage of the big plan for the recovery of the de-occupied regions as quickly as possible - rapid reconstruction.

    What are we talking about here ultimately? This includes deployment of temporary housing, repair of communications, preparation for the heating season, restoration of hospitals, reconstruction of schools and lyceums to ensure children have a chance to get to study this fall. Many different big and small projects that bring life back and give us all hope for a better future.

    In the morning, we drove to the village of Yahidne near Chernihiv, where russian terrorists had been committing terrible atrocities for a whole month. Now, together with the local authorities and volunteers, we are working to inject life to the village. Restoration of certain part of the buildings has begun. A UAH 12.5 million resource has been allocated from the regional budget for the purchase of construction materials, thereby allowing to restore housing for almost 250 people. Completion of all works is planned in 3-4 weeks.

    In fact, we now have hundreds of settlements all across the country, which need a large amount of construction materials for reconstruction. Therefore, the first decision we are taking today at the Government meeting is the creation of the Operational Headquarters for providing the country with construction materials. The Headquarters is established not only for Chernihiv region. It will work throughout the country. Representatives of all regions, builders, industry members, and government officials will be involved in the work of the Headquarters. Our goal is the fastest and most efficient reconstruction of damaged objects of the entire infrastructure, in particular housing for Ukrainians.

    Simultaneously, we are launching projects for the construction and installation of modular housing throughout the country. In particular, such a modular town is already being built in the village of Novoselivka for the residents of the Chernihiv region who were left without a roof above their heads. Today we inspected the first 180 houses installed. This is help from the Government of Poland, we are deeply grateful to our Polish friends for. The installation of the second modular town sees the final stage, in a week we expect to install these new monoblocks for the third. The three modular towns around Chernihiv will enable the region to accommodate people who, unfortunately, have been deprived of their homes.

    In general, the Government has already allocated UAH 400 million for the restoration of facilities in the Chernihiv region. UAH 250 million was allocated to the Chernihiv Regional Military Administration for analysis of destruction, priority repairs, restoration of electricity, heating, and gas. Another UAH 150 million resource is the funding we have allotted to restore the full operation of the Chernihiv Water Canal so that every resident of the city of Chernihiv has water. Overall, the Government has already distributed UAH 2.3 billion to the regions to urgently restore critical infrastructure.

    Our goal is to have most of these facilities fully operational by the fall. Currently, technical and design documentation for the reconstruction of 1,700 objects has already been prepared in 5 regions. These are boiler houses, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, residential and administrative buildings and many other infrastructure facilities. People need to see that rebuilding process is underway wherever possible.

    Definitely, one of the top priorities of a quick recovery plan is getting ready for the heating season. Today we have visited the Chernihiv cogeneration plant, which suffered significant damage as a result of targeted russian shelling. 15 CHP’s facilities were almost completely ruined. Right now, at the Government meeting, we will adopt a decision on the allocation of UAH 100 million for repairs and the purchase of equipment for this plant. This will allow the necessary work to be carried out as well as to provide the residents of Chernihiv region with heat during the upcoming heating season.

    We also disburse another sum worth UAH 100 million for the Kremenchuk CHP and UAH 86.5 million for the Okhtyrka CHP. Both enterprises were heavily damaged by shelling. These funds from the Government will allow heating plants to conduct fast repairs and start operation just in time for the heating season. As promised, we will do everything to ensure that Ukrainians throughout the country have heat, water and light.

    At the same time, we understand that the russian army are terrorists who deliberately destroy critical infrastructure, water, electricity and heat supply facilities. Today, we were convinced of this seeing everything with our own eyes once again. We are gearing up for all possible scenarios. And therefore, with another decision of the Government, today we disburse UAH 1.4 billion for the purchase of a stock of stand-by equipment and additional materials that will help provide people with heat and water in case of infrastructure destruction. We are talking about the purchase of mobile boiler rooms, diesel generators, water purification systems, pumping stations and many other things that we will need in an emergency.

    The last facility we attended today is the Chernihiv Regional Pedagogical Lyceum for gifted rural youth. Almost 200 youngsters study at the institution. The russians bombed nearby buildings, the lyceum was significantly damaged. As of today, restoration work is underway. The lyceum will be restored and will be operational by September 1, before the beginning of the academic year. It is a very important indicator that all safety systems for children in case of air raid alarms have been created in the lyceum. We discussed with all heads of communities and regions that the core parameter of the upcoming academic year, which will start in offline on September 1, is the safety of our children. Properly equipped bomb shelters, with forced ventilation, heating, appropriate opportunities to conduct training if necessary - these are the things that we demand from communities, heads of regional military administrations. All this is prepared at the lyceum. Once again, with my own eyes, I saw that the heads of educational institutions take a very responsible approach to the preparation of institutions for the academic year.

    From the local authorities, we expect that all works will be completed by the beginning of the school year, which should start in offline regime on September 1. In those areas where this is categorically impossible, a mixed education system will be applied.


    Today's visit to Chernihiv region is yet another demonstration that the Government and local authorities work as a united front and do everything together to ensure our victory, rebuild what was destroyed and revive our country.

    In this regard, I would also like to thank our international partners who are doing a lot of important things for the victory of Ukraine. We are, of course, talking about both weapons and financial aid. The other day, Ukraine received USD 1.7 billion from the United States, and EUR 1 billion from the European Union should arrive by the end of the month. These funds help us to survive and begin the rapid reconstruction of our state. We thank our partners for this solidarity and support of Ukraine.

    Today, during our stay in Chernihiv region, I once again have learned at first hand about the strength of spirit and indomitability of the Ukrainian people. This strength helps us to endure now, but we can also see a lot of confusion and hear questions about the future.

    Therefore, the important words we say to the people of Chernihiv today are that we will rebuild everything better than it was. For this, we already have a plan, we are preparing resources, we are gathering a coalition of support both for the victory of Ukraine and for reconstruction. United in defense - united in recovery!

    I want to say one more thing. The victory of the Ukrainian army in the battle for Chernihiv and Chernihiv region will forever enter the textbooks of Ukrainian history.

    We are grateful and bow our heads before the feat of our military heroes.

    Eternal glory to Ukrainian soldiers.

    Glory to the Ukrainian people and Glory to Ukraine!

    Statement by Prime Minister of Ukraine Denys Shmyhal at a session of the Government