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  • Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food predicts this year’s harvest of grains and oilseeds at about 74 million tonnes
    Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine, posted 17 April 2024 16:03

    According to preliminary estimates of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food, in 2024, the gross production of grains and oilseeds will be about 74 million tonnes. Of these, about 52.4 million tonnes of grains and 21.7 million tonnes of oilseeds.

    At the beginning of last year, the total gross harvest of grains and oilseeds in 2023 was also forecast to be almost 13% lower than in the previous period, at 63.5 million tonnes. However, weather conditions contributed to the increase in harvest. Therefore, in 2023, the gross production was about 82 million tonnes, including more than 60 million tonnes of grains and about 22 million tonnes of oilseeds.

    Thus, the forecasts for gross harvest figures are preliminary and will be adjusted throughout the year depending on circumstances, primarily weather conditions.

    This year, farmers are expected to harvest the following volumes of grain: 19.2 million tonnes of wheat (22.2 million tonnes last year), 4.9 million tonnes of barley (5.7 million tonnes in 2023), and 26.7 million tonnes of corn (30.5 million tonnes last year).

    Among oilseeds, soybeans are expected to increase. This crop is expected to produce 5.2 million tonnes. In 2023, 4.7 million tonnes were harvested. Sunflower production is forecast at 12.4 million tonnes, compared to 12.9 million tonnes last year. Rapeseed production is forecast to reach 4.1 million tonnes, compared to 4.7 million tonnes last year.

    The area under grains and pulses is forecast at 10.6 million hectares (-395,000 hectares compared to 2023).

    Of these, winter wheat was planted on 4.3 million hectares (-0.3 million hectares), while spring wheat is expected to reach 0.2 million hectares (+200 hectares).

    Winter barley was sown on 0.47 million hectares (-0.15 million hectares), the area of spring barley is expected to be 0.94 million hectares (+0.06 million hectares), and corn – 3.9 million hectares (-62,000 hectares).

    Among oilseeds, the area under soybeans is increasing. It is forecasted that soybeans will be planted on the area of 2.2 million hectares. This is almost 400,000 hectares more than last year. Sunflower will be planted on 5.3 million hectares, almost the same as last year. Rapeseed will be planted on 1.5 million hectares, which is 0.1 million hectares less than last year.