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  • Medical equipment and medicines – last week’s humanitarian aid
    Ministry of Health of Ukraine, posted 21 February 2023 14:46

    A few days will mark a year since Ukraine’s partners – governments and ministries, global and Ukrainian businesses, international and domestic charitable organizations – have been providing humanitarian medical aid. Last week, it came from: the Polish Government Agency for Strategic Reserves, an independent international medical humanitarian organization Médecins Sans Frontières, German and Finnish medicine manufacturers Bayer and Orion Pharmaceuticals, Swiss and US charities Zurich helps Ukraine and Restoring Vision, and the Ukrainian Future Aid Association.

    In particular, the Ministry of Health of Ukraine received:

    • medical equipment,
    • 98 pallets of medical devices, consumables, and infusion pumps,
    • 9 pallets of medicines,
    • 33 pallets of Elevit,
    • 6 boxes of flashlights,
    • 3 pallets of spectacles,
    • 31 pallets of adult diapers.

    “For a year now, our partners (from more than 35 countries!) have been providing humanitarian medical aid, dispelling the russian narrative that the world is tired of the war in Ukraine. Moreover, this assistance addresses the needs and challenges of the time. Thank you very much!” says Deputy Minister of Health for Digital Development Maria Karchevych.

    A week earlier, the Ministry of Health received medicines and personal protective equipment.