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  • Myroslav Prodan met with IMF team in Washington
    State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, posted 25 July 2018 17:28

    The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine expands the cooperation boundaries. In the framework of the first official visit to the United States of America acting SFS chairman Myroslav Prodan met with Assistant Director of Revenue Administration, of the Fiscal Affairs Department Juan Toro Rivera in Washington. The meeting lasted almost two hours and the SFS leadership had the opportunity to tell in details about the innovations in tax and customs areas, as well as in general about the Strategic SFS Development Initiatives up to 2020.

    This document was approved in December 2017 and a step-by-step plan for implementing the strategy sees its final stage of approval. "But a number of the initiatives are already being implemented", added Myroslav Prodan.

    As for the customs direction, the SFS leader drew the attention of the IMF to the following projects:

    - complete launch of the Single Window mechanism. More than 85% of declarations are already processed following this principle. And this performance would be higher unless the process of amending the legislation on the work of related services present at the border is hindered;

    - registration of passengers following a one-stop principle. The project is implemented at 12 checkpoints and will be launched by the end of the year along the entire perimeter of the state border;

    - opening of joint checkpoints. Currently, there are 10: 6 with Moldova, 4 with Poland. By the end of the year there will operate another 2;  

    - purchase of technical means of control. At the stage of approval are contracts for the supply of 10 stationary scanning systems, which should be installed and put into operation by the end of the year. In addition, it includes plans for the purchase of GPS locks, photo and video recording systems, vehicle number plate reading.

    Apart from that, Myroslav Prodan told Mr Juan Toro Rivera about the reorganization of the central apparatus of the SFS and its territorial bodies, the gradual transformation of the SFS into a single legal entity, as foreseen by the IMF Memorandum.

    Participants of the meeting also focused on the fight against smuggling and violation of customs rules.