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  • The budget of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation in 2020 will make up UAH 0.7 billion
    Ministry of Culture, Youth and Sports of Ukraine, posted 02 December 2019 13:33

    The total budget of the Ukrainian Cultural Foundation (UCF) for 2020 remains at the level of 2019 - UAH 0.7 billion. But the redistribution by directions and general rules are being changed significantly.

    - The Ministry has developed a strategic approach to the planning of all the money allocated for the financing of cinema projects and will concentrate it into Derzhkino (at present, the financing of cinema projects is planned in the UCF, Ministry of Culture and Ministry of Information Policy). Therefore, the funding of film projects within the framework of the UCF for 2020 is reduced from UAH 400 million to UAH 150 million.

    - Instead, funding within the scope of work of the UFC for activities not related to cinema production is increased twofold: from UAH 250 million to UAH 500 million.

    - Opportunities for submission applications are also being expanded. Previously, one organization could submit one application to the UCF within a year. Currently, the number of applications from associations and creative players has been increased to 30. And the affirmative response from the Foundation can be obtained for five projects that can be implemented by one institution.