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  • On September 29-30, tens of thousands of victims of Babyn Yar commemorated in Ukraine
    Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine, posted 29 September 2023 10:47

    On September 29-30, tens of thousands of victims of Babyn Yar are commemorated in Ukraine.

    The ravine in the northwest of Kyiv became a part of world history due to the events of 1941, when the Nazi occupiers shot almost 34,000 Jews there within a few days.

    Babyn Yar became a terrible symbol of the Holocaust, known throughout the world. Over the next few years, between 1941 and 1943, about 100,000 civilians were killed in Babyn Yar: Jews, Ukrainians, Roma, prisoners of war, Soviet underground, hostages among the civilian population, psychiatric hospital patients and others.

    Honoring the memory of the victims of Babyn Yar, we call on the world to prevent the recurrence of such disasters.

    After more than 80 years since the tragedy of Babyn Yar, we are once again witnessing the devastating consequences of the spread of totalitarian ideology, systematic violation of universally recognized principles and norms of international law. Atrocities then and now were committed by different regimes and criminals, but at their core is the same - hatred for everything human.

    An important component of Ukraine's humanitarian policy is the preservation of historical memory. In this context, the inclusion in 2023 of the Ukrainian nomination "Documentary heritage "Babyn Yar" in the International Register of the UNESCO Memory of the World Programme is an important signal of the need for joint steps with foreign partners to prevent the revival of racism, ethnic enmity and totalitarian ideologies.

    The memory of Babyn Yar and the slogan "Never again" are the moral basis of humanism and opposition to any forms of aggressive-chauvinistic ideologies, in particular, Russian aggression against Ukraine.