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  • It is very important to continue international pressure on Russia and force it to fulfill its international obligations, claims Minister of Defence
    posted 05 March 2018 12:31

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine, General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak stressed this, during his interview with media representatives.

    “President Putin and Russia fully control two Army Corps that are part of the Southern Military District. They are systematically involved with those military forces; they have a unified training system, system of logistical support, sole system of combat use. These two Army Corps, which they have created, are fully responsible to the Russian Federation”, Minister of Defence of Ukraine said.

    “And just such examples, when there is a time when there is no firing, and when there is an intensification of armed efforts, testify to the fact that the Russian Federation and Putin control the situation. And if they have a desire, they can stop the fire and can fulfill the first paragraph of the Minsk Agreements. However, unfortunately, they do not have such a desire”, Stepan Poltorak stressed.

    “And it is very important not to stop international pressure on Russia. Economic sanctions and pressure of the international community should force the Russian Federation to fulfill its international obligations”, Stepan Poltorak said.