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  • The average salary grew by 40% over a year, according to the data released by the State Statistics Service of Ukraine
    posted 28 December 2017 17:40

    "The average nominal wage in November totaled UAH 7,479 that is 2.3 times higher than the statutory minimum salary and by 38.3% compared with November 2016", reads the report by the State Statistics Service.

    Above-average pay was recorder in the following sectors: industry (UAH 8, 169), wholesale and retail trade (UAH 8,082 ), transport (UAH 8,023, in aviation transport UAH 30,390), IT (UAH 13, 044), financial and insurance (UAH 13,164), in science (UAH 10,378), in the field of defense (UAH 10,887). The average salary in education and medicine was UAH 5,859 and 5,101 respectively.

    The highest increase in the average salary of regular workers was recorded in extractive industry, pharmaceutical and metal industry, producers of computer and optical products.

    Residents of Kyiv receive the highest average salary in Ukraine - UAH 11,643.


    Prime Minister of Ukraine  Volodymyr Groysman set the task to raise average earning up 10,000 hryvnias in 2018. Economic upturn, reduction of unemployment and de-shadowing of salaries will enable the country to achieve the abovesaid target.