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  • Office responsible for army reforms to be formed within Ukrainian Defence Ministry
    posted 05 December 2017 11:20

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine Army General Stepan Poltorak announced it during a meeting with foreign senior advisers. General Poltorak briefed them on plans to establish an office responsible for reforms.

    We have to use the assistance provided by our partners and Alliance in the most efficient manner. We will consider your experience and provide our proposals. You help us to define the aim and goal of our future army”, Gen. Poltorak stressed.

    Foreign senior advisers shared their impressions regarding reforms within the Ukrainian army and remarked the progress in this process.

    The Ukraine’s Minister of Defence thanked guests for their constructive and effective efforts and reaffirmed continuation of cooperation, ‘Thank you for your constructive efforts and this meeting. You are open-minded people whom we would like to work with’.