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  • Within a year the Government should ensure proper preparation for the practical implementation of the Law "On Electronic Trust Services"
    posted 06 November 2017 17:48

    President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko signed the Law of Ukraine "On Electronic Trust Services". The document is a milestone in the process of Ukraine's integration into the EU's digital single market, securing cross-border transactions and e-commerce with the EU states.

    The Law takes into account the provisions of EU Regulation No. 910/2014 (on electronic identification (eID) and trust services (eTS) for transactions in the domestic market), which is provided for by Ukraine's obligations under the Association Agreement with the EU (Chapter 6, Section IV and Chapter 14, Section V, Association Agreement, Annex XVI-3).

    In particular, electronic identification and electronic fiduciary services are introduced in Ukraine, such as: electronic signatures, electronic seals, time stamp, electronic delivery service and website authentication, etc.

    The current objective of the Government is to ensure relevant and effective preparation for the implementation of the Law in full, which envisages the following: the development and adoption of legislative framework aimed at providing of electronic trust services; determining of requirements and a list of standards for regulation of electronic fiduciary services and electronic identification in accordance with European requirements and standards; creating of the appropriate digital infrastructure, etc. All the aforementioned steps must be implemented by the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine within a year, since the Law will come into force in full one year after its publication (except for the provisions on the development of legislative framework necessary for the functioning of the field of electronic trust services).