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  • Head of Government in the Parliament of Canada: We have launched a process of transforming Ukraine into a country with a sound economy
    posted 31 October 2017 18:56

    The Government of Ukraine in synergy with the President and the Parliament have triggered the process of transforming Ukraine into a strong economy, and in this process, the support of our international partners, in particular of Canada, is of topmost importance. Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman announced during the session of the Standing Committee on International Trade at the Parliament of Canada. The meeting was devoted to the development of relations with Ukraine.

    "The process of shaping Ukraine into a State having a sound economy has begun, and we express gratitude for the support of our international partners, especially of Canada, that was with us in the time of hardship and is still remaining our partner," stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

    He noted that Ukraine faces strong challenges. "We are pursuing reforms in all spheres of life. We talk about the reform of power decentralization, deregulation that allows us to remove barriers, the reform of the civil service, that of energy sector, and about new anti-corruption laws. In recent weeks, we have managed to approve a decision on updating pension, educational and healthcare systems,” the Head of Government accentuated, “Further measures include new laws on privatization, the creation of a model of agricultural land turnover, strengthening of defense capability."

    During the meeting, Canadian parliamentarians were keen on the prospects of economic cooperation, notably in the real sector of the economy and agro-industrial complex, the fight against corruption and measures aimed to protect foreign investment.

    Volodymyr Groysman noted that today Ukraine and Canada have enormous potential to enhance bilateral cooperation, and by the end of the year we will see an increase in the volume of bilateral trade.

    "We have great opportunities for cooperation in the agricultural sector, considerable potential in aerospace industry and energy sector, inter alia alternative energy. Construction, light industry, services sector, etc. – all these are included into a list of opportunities for our partnership", urged the Prime Minister.

    As was reported Prime Minister of Ukraine is on an official visit to Canada. He has already had a series of meetings with representatives of business circles of both countries, as well as the Ukrainian community. Yesterday, October 30, the Head of Government took part in a large international event Totonto Global Forum and the Ukrainian-Canadian Business Forum, during which he urged investors to have a fresh look at Ukraine as a worthy market of new opportunities.