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  • October 23, Deputy Minister for Economic Development and Trade Maksym Nefyodov to take part in a press conference on the conclusion of ESCO Contracts through ProZorro
    posted 23 October 2017 12:07

    October 23, a press conference on «Ukraine's Step into Energy Efficiency: Energy Performance Contract (EPC), through the ProZorro e-procurement platform» will be held.


    Energy Supply Contracting (ESC) envisages the implementation of the energy efficiency projects (renovation of the heating, lighting, insulation of buildings) by energy services companies at the expense of investor's loan funds, reduction of the payment for energy resources by at least 20%, and repayment of the loan due to saving expenditures for energy resources. At the same time, tariffs for the population will remain unchanged. Two electronic platforms have announced open tenders for the purchase of the energy service. At present, 11 procurements have been unveiled, all of them are reflected on the portal prozorro.gov.ua and are available for monitoring.