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  • Stepan Kubiv summons first meeting of working group to tackle operation of anti-raiding staff in agricultural sector
    posted 04 September 2017 12:55

    Today, September 4, First Vice Prime Minister of Ukraine/ Minister of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine Stepan Kubiv chaired a first meeting of the working group on operation of headquarters dealing with addressing illegal seizures of land or harvest.

    "Today, we must coordinate the work of operational headquarters in all regions of Ukraine to a larger extent, to maintain cooperation of central and local authorities to protect farmers. When agrarians suffer from ruffians who encroach on their land and harvest, the responsiveness and its speed become the topmost issue", emphasized Stepan Kubiv.

    He noted that the establishment of the working group would allow for the rapid exchange of information with the regions and coordinating the efforts of ministries, law enforcement agencies and agrarian associations to secure protection of agrarians.

    "I express gratitude to the Ministry of Justice for this initiative, as farmers are often unaware of the legal intricacy what is used by raiders. Therefore, free legal advice and legal aid to farmers is indispensable. It is also significant to ensure appropriate response on the part of the law enforcement agencies, as in a number of cases this is not just a takeover, but pure banditry", stressed Stepan Kubiv.

    He accentuated that an issue of awareness raising about the operation of anti-raiding headquarters on the basis of regional state administrations is paramount.

    "Anti-raiding headquarters offices, including mobile groups, are operational in all regions and have already employed about 3,000 people. The addresses of the offices can be found at the Ministry of Justice website. People have to be aware of this real and free aid provided by the Government. To achieve that, we should build efficient communication throughout Ukraine, so that in the smallest village a farmer could know where to seek assistance and that the service of best quality will be provided", commented Stepan Kubiv.

    On the outcomes of the meeting of the working group, law enforcement agencies and state authorities were instructed to enhance the responsibility for illegal actions against farmers, as well as obtained a number of commissions to improve the speed and effectiveness of response to cases of illegal activities or seizure.