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  • Ministry of Social Policy urges citizens to submit applications for monetizing of economized subsidies before September 1
    posted 27 July 2017 15:30

    The reimbursement of part of the saved subsidies in the framework of a government project of energy saving monetization has been undertaken by the Government for the first time in all Ukrainian independence years. This is the first stage on the way towards full monetization of benefits and subsidies. This was announced today at a briefing by Director of the State Social Assistance Department under the Ministry of Social Policy of Ukraine Vitalii Muzychenko.

    According to him, electricity savings equivalent to the cost of 150 kW and for natural gas - 100 cubic meters, provided that these resources are used for heating are subject for the monetization on the outcomes of the previous heating season. The maximum amount that a citizen can receive makes up UAH 135 for saved electricity and about UAH 700 referring to gas.

    "The monetization procedure will cover about 2 million households. Those citizens having managed to economize have to apply to the social protection authorities by September 1 of this year and provide information regarding their bank account or post office to transfer the reimbursed sum. Money will be paid in September-October of this year", Vitalii Muzychenko emphasized.