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  • Congratulation by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on the Day of Constitution of Ukraine
    posted 28 June 2017 09:00

    Fellow Ukrainians!

    I congratulate You on the Day of Constitution of Ukraine!

    The adoption of the Basic Law of Ukraine 21 years ago finally approved the legal status of our independence, as well as the state sovereignty, territorial integrity and a democratic vector of development of the entire society. The Constitution of Ukraine dated 1996 becаme an important instrument for shaping the policy of ensuring human rights and freedoms, it has contributed to strengthening the international authority of Ukraine and implemented an algorithm for the development of national legislation and political and legal culture at the present stage.

    Today, the Constitution of Ukraine guarantees the citizens inalienable rights and freedoms, proclaims human being the highest social value, while the people - a single source of power. The spirit of our Constitution corresponds to the historical aspirations of Ukrainians: to be the master in the native land and to build a successful European state.

    On this day we traditionally recall the prominent Ukrainians who laid the foundations for legal thinking and constitutional culture in our intellectual tradition: from Grand Princes of Kyiv Volodymyr the Great and Yaroslav the Wise to Hetman Pylyp Orlyk and the leaders of the Ukrainian People's Republic. It is especially pleasing to see that younger generations from the school desk realize that the constitutional process has always been and still remains an integral part of Ukrainian culture, history, and politics.

    In our eyes, Ukraine is undergoing important transformations: sector reforms and structural changes are introduced in the national economy, in the state and in the society, and there are active integration processes underway that bring us closer to the Union of European countries. And it is the Constitution of Ukraine that is the main arbiter of all our undertakings, which irrevocably affirm the main political choice - the legal and historical right of Ukrainian citizens to live in a friendly, successful, democratic European society.

    Today, scholars, politicians, representatives of the public sector are actively involved in the constitutional process, they are working on the improvement of certain provisions of the Basic Law. However, the imperative effect of the Constitution of Ukraine should take place not only in the political and legal plane, but also in the ethical and moral plane. The feeling of personal responsibility of each citizen for the fate of the country, for the processes in the state and the society and their compliance with the requirements and provisions of the Constitution of Ukraine is the highest form of political maturity of any community. It is pleasant to note that Ukrainians with dignity pass this exam in their daily work, in advocating rights and freedoms in various sectors of life of the society and the country.

    Let faith in our own forces unite us on the path of affirming the constitutional ideals of justice, equality and freedom, of realizing all the opportunities for each individual and our glorious country!



    Prime Minister of Ukraine                                                               Volodymyr Groysman