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  • Prime Minister: Government in synergy with the public developed anti-corruption measures aimed to root out opportunities for abuse in ministries
    posted 07 December 2016 12:14

    The Government together with the civil society and experts has elaborated a series of measures so that to eliminate opportunities for corrupt practices in the ministries. This was stated by Prime Minister of Ukraine Volodymyr Groysman on opening a Government meeting on Wednesday.

    "Today, in the frames of the International Anti- Corruption Day our team together with the public, the organisations that professionally engage in the effective fight against corruption, began to elaborate at the Government level specific measures for each Ministry: what should be done to change the system," said the Head of the Government, announcing the relevant reports of the ministries about the elaborated decisions, actions taken and future plans in this direction.

    The plans of anti-corruption measures have been developed pursuant to the commission of the Prime Minister since mid-summer.

    In this regard the Head of Government urged the public to monitor anti-corruption activities inside ministries.

    “I will ask the community to monitor the work of each Ministry24 hours a day”, said Volodymyr Groysman. “It is good that the public and the Government have developed synergy in this issue and are joining efforts to overcome this phenomenon."

    "When we bring about change, people will realize that the stance of the Government is totally honest. There should be concrete actions instead of words about justice, as we won’t succeed”, accentuated the Prime Minister.

    Volodymyr Groysman noted that the anti-corruption policy is included into top priority list of actions for the country and the Government. It will afford to restore social justice.

    "Nowadays curbing corruption is vital to restore social justice in Ukraine. Bribery, corruption cause organized crime, and poverty as well. And it’s our topmost objective, the objective of the Government is to eradicate this phenomenon and to give the Ukrainian citizens what belongs to them," said the Prime Minister.

    According to him, the political structures should change in Ukraine and it is a challenge to the entire law-enforcement and judicial systems, stressed the Head of Government.

    "It is important here to create such a system of functioning the authorities to prevent any chance to abuse. There are two directions: the first is to create conditions to remove grounds for corruption, the second is to put in jail all corrupt officials. I stand for the principle that if we don’t imprison a few dozen [officials], this will make it more complicated to fight against this phenomenon. As soon as they realize that they cannot abdicate the responsibility, the situation will change drastically. It's within the responsibility and a challenge to the entire law enforcement and judicial system," stressed Volodymyr Groysman.

    Speaking of anti-corruption steps, he reminded that the Government had recently abolished 367 permits and regulations that created obstacles for doing business in Ukraine. Another achievements include an open competitive selection of management of state-owned companies and the deregulation of the pharmaceutical market.