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  • Japan is our reliable partner and friend, Stepan Poltorak
    posted 14 December 2016 10:44

    Minister of Defence of Ukraine General of the Army of Ukraine Stepan Poltorak held talks with Japanese Ambassador to Ukraine Mr Shigeki Sumi.

    General Poltorak thanked the Government of Japan for assistance to Ukraine in its striving to develop a country with European values and defend its territorial integrity.

    The head of the Ministry of Defence briefed Mr Sumi on situation in the east of Ukraine underscoring Russian Federation kept its plans.

    “We understand that peaceful solution should remain the only way out of the ongoing conflict in eastern Ukraine. But our army should be strong,” the Minister underlined.

    Concerning the defence reform, General Poltorak stressed that all reforms planned for 2016 had been implemented.

    According to the head of Defence Ministry, the Japanese-Ukrainian cooperation was developing in a stable manner and the Ukrainian party was ready to enhance it. General Poltorak also invited Japanese Minister of Defence to Ukraine.

    “Japan is our reliable partner and friend,” he underlined.

    Mr Shigeki Sumi reaffirmed Japan’s readiness to cooperate with the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine to assist in development of strong and combat-ready army.