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  • Update on the liquidation of forest fires on the territory of the exclusion zone and the unconditional (compulsory) evacuation zone
    State Emergency Service of Ukraine, posted 17 April 2020 11:50

    As of April 17, 7:00 am in the exclusion zone and unconditional (compulsory) evacuation zone, the forces and equipment of the SES (State Emergency Service) continue to water some areas where stump, wood residues, dry trees and peatlands are smoldering.

    The consolidated detachment of the SES is involved in the work on localization of fires in Korohodsky, Dytiatkivsky, Paryshivsky and Denysovitsky forestry.

    There are no threats to critical objects such as The Shelter, The Vector, and others.

    More than 1,100 people and 120 units of equipment, including about 1,000 persons and 100 units of equipment plus 2 helicopters belonging to the SES were involved in the firefighting.

    Radiation levels in Kyiv and Kyiv region are within the normal range and does not exceed the natural range (Kyiv - 0,012 mR/h, Kyiv region - within 0,011 mR/h within a permissible level of 0,05 mR/h, Chernobyl - 0,023 mR/h, at Dytiatka control and measuring station - 0,02 mR/h with a control level up to 0,055 mR/h).