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  • Announcement of the Selection for the CEO of the Public joint stock company “State food and grain corporation of Ukraine”
    posted 30 May 2019






    The Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, in accordance with the Procedure of competitive selection of CEO of the state sector of the economy, approved by Resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine dd. September 3, 2008, No. 777 “On the Competitive Selection of Executives of Business Entities of the State Sector of the Economy” and Order of the of the Ministry of Agrarian Policy and Food of Ukraine dd. March 11, 2019, No. 113 hereby announces the selection for the positions of CEO of Public joint stock company “State food and grain corporation of Ukraine”.

    Company Name: Public joint stock company “State food and grain corporation of Ukraine” (hereinafter – PJSC “SFGCU”).

    Business Address: 1 street Saksaganskogo, Kyiv, Ukraine, 01033.


    Company’s Major Areas of Business:

    PJSC "SFGCU" was created for realization of economic activity in order to meet the needs of the population, enterprises, institutions and organizations of various forms of ownership in food and feed grain, products of its processing, non-grain raw materials, elite and varietal seeds, provision of services for storage, processing and marketing of agricultural products.

    The subject of activity of the PJSC "SFGCU" is:

    • warehousing;

    • production of flour-grinding industry;

    • wholesale trade in grain, seeds and animal feeds;

    • provision of grain storage, processing and processing services;

    • commercial agricultural production;

    • implementation of other activities stipulated by the Company's Charter.

    Requirements for candidate CEO of PJSC "SFGCU", their expected functions and required a set of competencies:

    The candidate will


    have higher education (not lower than the degree of "master" or equivalent), particularly in (but not limited to): Finance, Economy, Mathematical Sciences, Engineering Sciences, Accounting and Audit, Governance, Business Administration, Law;

    have at least 5 years’ experience in managing large companies (the average number of employees over the reporting period exceeds 1,000 people and/or the annual income from an activity exceeds the equivalent of EUR 50 million, determined by the average annual rate of the National Bank) on senior management positions;

    have full civil capacity;

    have an impeccable business reputation, be guided by high business standards and principles, adhere to the principles of integrity, impartiality and integrity;

    do not have outstanding convictions;

    to demonstrate knowledge of Ukrainian legislation, as well as knowledge of the Ukrainian and international market of products, in accordance with the range of products of the company;

    have a successful experience in implementing and optimizing production and business processes, building a management system;

    be proficient in Ukrainian and/or English. If the candidate does not have mastery of the Ukrainian language, he must take an obligation to study the Ukrainian at the necessary level for the performance of a member of the supervisory board duties over the duration of the contract;

    demonstrate deep practical knowledge of the enterprise economy, the experience of strategic planning and operational management, budgeting of the production process development and implementation of the budgeting system, project management, attraction of internal and external investments with their further capitalization, knowledge of the principles of corporate governance;

    not be, or not have been in the past five years, a founder, shareholder (participant), manager, supervisory board member, employee or representative of, or have any significant business with, any entity on which personal, special economic, or other restrictive measures (sanctions) have been imposed by the Ukrainian government.


    The candidate should have one or more of the following professional competencies

    • 1. Strategic thinking:
    • demonstration of pre-emptive thinking of the situation;
    • the broad view of the problems, events, activities, ability to predict their future value and consequences;
    • ability to formulate strategic priorities and specific goals that are able to bring the company to a qualitatively new level and provide the company with a strategic advantage and stable development.


    2. Organizational Leadership and Result Orientation:

    • availability at the same time as the authority of an ideological leader, as well as administrative authority, adaptive and situational leadership;
    • ability to make decisions and adapt them to the current state of the company;
    • ability to create a clear and desirable vision of the future development of the company;
    • provide systematic communication with employees to achieve strategic goals;
    • support the confidence of colleagues in the ability to achieve these goals;
    • ability to find a common language, to reach a compromise, and to establish constructive working relationships with different categories of target audiences: employees, suppliers, partners.


    3. Change management:

    • ability to operate successfully under uncertainty;
    • ability to initiate and lead change processes, assume personal responsibility for the results of changes;
    • ability to systematically motivate employees about the need and nature of the changes being implemented;
    • ability to work effectively with employees' objections and be able to reasonably persuade and influence the opinions of others.

    4. Efficiency management:

    • ability to build coherent and transparent management systems;
    • ability to effectively manage the team in conditions of change, pressure in crisis processes, limited resources and criticism of external target audiences;
    • ability to create and optimize business models and be able to scale them and adapt them to external and internal factors;
    • ability to effectively attract resources to achieve results in the work.



    The following will be an advantage

    • experience in large companies in the agrarian sector;
    • experience of working in international companies and markets;
    • experience of working with international financial institutions, servicing external borrowing and/or restructuring of international financial obligations for the implementation of investment programs and enterprise development programs;
    • experience of managing transformational processes and complex turnarounds;
    • MBA degree.

    The main tasks and key responsibilities of the CEO of PJSC "SFGCU":

    1. implementation of the strategy of development of the company and the formation of a plan for its execution;

    2. implementation of the current (operational) guidance to ensure the achievement of key goals and objectives of the company, in particular:

    • fulfilment of the conditions of the General Contract and expansion of cooperation with the General Partner of the People's Republic of China;
    • take the lead (TOP-5) in the market of exporters of grain and processing products of Ukraine;
    • take the lead (TOP-5) in the market of Ukrainian flour producers.

    3. ensuring compliance with the statutory tasks of the company;

    4. development and consistent implementation of the plan of measures to optimize the company's costs (to build modern control systems, cost management and planning systems);

    5. construction of a high-quality and effective system of management of the company, which will be adequate to the strategic goals and the current state of the company;

    6. formation of a team of "leaders of change" capable of ensuring the effective implementation of the development strategy;

    7. development and implementation of a system of measures of prevention and counteraction to the manifestations of corruption in the community;

    8. taking measures to significantly increase the investment attractiveness of the company;

    9. ensuring the preparation and execution of the financial plan in accordance with the established procedure and submission of a report on its implementation;

    10. ensuring effective use and preservation of the company's property transferred to the authorized capital;

    11. representation of interests of the company and establishment of constructive working relations with all contractors;

    12. optimization and improvement of organizational, operational and business processes;

    13. increase of professional training of personnel, development of corporate culture;

    14. implementation of the assessment system and personnel motivation system. Creation of personnel reserve.

    To participate in the selection, the candidate will submit the following materials in person and/or via e-mail:


    application to participate in the selection addressed to S. S. Dehtyarenko, Chairman of the Commission for the Selection of the CEO of PJSC "SFGCU": (in Ukrainian and/or English).

    The application must include information about the applicant (applicant’s full surname, given name and patronymic, the address of candidate’s registration and the mailing address, telephone number, e-mail address, and Skype ID, if available).

    Enclosed with the application will be:

    • a duly certified copy of the ID document, copy of the employment record (if available) or documents confirming work experience, copy of the higher education diploma*;
    • curriculum vitae (resume) (in Ukrainian and English);
    • consent to the processing of personal data (in Ukrainian and/or English);
    • competitive proposal;
    • reference letters (if available) and other documents at his discretion.

    All documents must clearly display the information and be translated into Ukrainian or English.

    The candidate shall be responsible for any inaccuracies in the submitted documents.

    Requirements for the competitive proposal:


    The proposal must be submitted in print and / or electronic form (Microsoft Power Point presentations up to 10 slides).

     The competitive proposal, developed on the basis of actual indicators of financial and economic activity, may include a draft strategic plan for the development of the enterprise in the medium-term perspective, which foresees:

    a detailed first-line plan for the reform of the enterprise within one year;

    measures for performance of tasks and results of analysis of possible risks, as well as improvement of technical-economic and financial indicators of the enterprise, increase of its competitiveness;

    the amount of funds to the budgets;

    proposals on attracting investments for enterprise development;

    proposals on the expected dynamics of improvement of the main indicators of financial and economic activity.

    Applications for the participation in the competitive selection will be accepted starting from 10:00 am on May 30, 2019 (Kyiv time) to 10:00 am on June 14, 2019 (Kyiv time).

    •via e-mail at cv@kmu.gov.ua

    •via post** to 12/2 Hrushevskoho Str., 01008 Kyiv, Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine, Commission for the Selection of the CEO of the Public joint stock company “State food and grain corporation of Ukraine”.

    Telephone number for information: (044) 256-64-51, 256-67-88.

    E-mail: cv@kmu.gov.ua

    The results of the selection will be published on the official website of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.

    * According to the recommendations of the commission, such document should provide the following information:

    • exact period of occupied position(s);
    • title of the position(s) during the above mentioned period;
    • general set of responsibilities assigned to the position(s) (if available);
    • number of staff under your supervision on this position.

    Such a document can be:

    • HR certificate/reference;
    • tax declaration (from a state authority);
    • reference letter of the supervisor;
    • labor contracts;
    • other documents.

    In the case when a document includes sensitive or commercial information/confidential or not-for-disclosure data, please make sure it is excluded.

    ** In case of sending documents in paper form to a postal address, please confirm such sending by e-mail or telephone.

    CONSENT to the processing of personal data ДПЗКУ ENG.docx

    Financial Statement ДПЗКУ ENG.pdf

    SAMPLE Application Form ДПЗКУ ENG.DOCX

    STATEMENT to learn Ukrainian ДПЗКУ ENG.docx