• Українською
  • Entrepreneurship Development Sectoral Working Group
    24 February 15:00 - 24 March 16:30 2021

    Agenda of the meeting

    1. Greetings and introduction by I. Novikova, the Co-chair of the SME SWG;
    2. Greetings and introduction by C. Allio, the Co-chair of the SME SWG;
    3. Greetings and introduction by R. Tomenchuk, the General Director of the Technical Assistance Directorate of the Secretariat of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine;
    4. Presentation of the priority key actions on SME development, defined along the strategic documents of the Government of Ukraine (GoU), including the draft National Economy Strategy 2030;
    5. Approval of the Regulation of the SME SWG and its thematic subgroups;
      Discussion and approval of a preliminary annual schedule for the SME SWG and thematic subgroups working meetings;
    6. Appointment of the coordinators of the the SME SWG from the Ministry of Economy and the development partners;
    7. Summary of the meeting.