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  • New veterans policy

    As a society, as a nation, as a state, we will always be indebted to the heroes who protect Ukraine's freedom and independence. The government and the state are working to create appropriate conditions for the adaptation, rehabilitation, development and well-being of veterans.

    The modernisation of the military medical examination system and the simplification of the corresponding bureaucratic procedures have been initiated. In Ukraine, an “Institute for Veterans’ Assistants” project is currently being launched in line with the principle of "equals to equals".

    A three-tier system of free psychological care is being set up and a modern rehabilitation and prosthetics sphere is being developed.

    The government plans to continue developing grant and support programmes for veteran-owned businesses. In particular, through the eRobota and Ukrainian Veterans Fund projects.

    Veterans receive affordable mortgage loans through their participation in the "eOselia" programme and homebuyer compensation programmes. Work continues to digitalise services and improve the delivery of administrative services to veterans and their family members.

    Another aspect of the veterans' policy is honour, respect and remembrance of the defenders. There are plans to establish a Memorial for Heroes and a National Military Memorial Cemetery.

    The result of the implementation of a comprehensive state veterans policy will be the successful transition of thousands of veterans from the military to civilian life, their self-realisation, the well-being of their families, respect for the defenders in society and a worthy commemoration of the service of the fallen heroes.

    1. Modernization of the military medical examination system

    The government has initiated a comprehensive reform of the military medical examination to ensure that "the certificates follow the military" This includes improving the electronic document flow, introducing an electronic queue and expanding the number of civilian healthcare facilities where the military medical examination is conducted. We are implementing the electronic document management system in all military units, territorial recruitment and social support centres, military hospitals and civilian healthcare facilities where wounded military personnel undergo military medical examinations.

    2. Institute for Veterans’ Assistants

    These are specialists who support Ukrainian defenders in their transition from military service to civilian life. The veterans' assistants act according to the principle of "equals to equals", which provides for the involvement of people who have previously received the status of combatants, as well as family members of the defenders, who will accompany our heroes in the transition from military service to civilian life.

    3. Medical assistance, rehabilitation, psychological assistance

    A comprehensive and inclusive three-tier system for the provision of free psychological help will be introduced. The register of institutions providing psychological assistance to veterans and their family members will be established. We are developing the field of rehabilitation using the best modern practises. The government is expanding state orders for specializations in the field of rehabilitation. All this is done in order to provide veterans with comprehensive help for their physical and mental health. One of the most important tasks is the establishment of centres for the complex rehabilitation of veterans.

    4. Providing housing and opportunities for veteran-owned businesses

    Veterans are provided with housing through their participation in the eOselia affordable mortgage loan programme and compensated through the provision of housing subsidies. Conditions are created for the development of veteran-owned businesses. In particular, through the provision of grants for own business under the eRobota programme and through the Ukrainian Veterans Fund. Implementation of "reserved contracts" (guaranteed state order) for veteran businesses through public procurement instruments.

    5. Commemorating the heroic deed of the defenders of Ukraine

    Ukraine should properly honour those who paid the highest price for its freedom and independence. To this end, the state is working on the establishment of the National Military Memorial Cemetery. In addition, the creation of a “Heroes' Memorial" is planned, where everyone can honour our defenders.