• Українською
  • Creating basic conditions for maintaining comfortable and safe living and opportunities for people to reach their full potential is among the key functions of the state. This quality development of human capital is the foundation for the national economy growth and strengthening Ukraine’s competitive position in the world.

    The increased human development index, reduced mortality and poverty are the Government’s key performance indicators in this area.

    A range of transformations in main social aspects have been planned to achieve the priority goal — sustainable development of human capital in Ukraine, including:

    • Providing equal public access to quality medical services by establishing a new healthcare system based on the health insurance, reform and healthcare improvement principles.

    • Transforming the educational system in Ukraine into an innovative environment where students will acquire key skills and competencies necessary for a successful life in today’s world, and academia will have all opportunities and resources for their work.

    • Introducing fair and just pension system which has no considerable gap between special and regular pensions, and individuals who have paid pension contributions without evading taxes throughout their working carrier receive decent compensation.

    • Improving social support to provide assistance to those who need it most, protect the poor and help them in their social integration process.

    Protection of human life and health, raising the level of education, providing academia with proper financial support, guaranteeing fair pensions and social security are the tasks set by the Government to create the foundations for building a strong and prosperous society in Ukraine.