• Українською
  • Economic growth is not only about money and an improved overall wellbeing for people. Of course, a higher standard of living is the ultimate goal of transformations. However, the path to this goal is comprehensive and methods can be not quite obvious. 

    A structural modernization of economy, a tangible improvement of business climate, an impetus for the development of Ukrainian industry form a vital basis for a dynamic and inclusive growth that we plan to achieve with a number of comprehensive reforms to reach the goal.

    To achieve this goal, the Government has to fulfill a number of key objectives, such as:

    • Creating a favorable business climate in Ukraine by making the market as fair and transparent as possible and reducing its regulation to the necessary minimum.
    • Promoting Ukrainian industry nationally and regionally by encouraging the use of innovations and technologies in the manufacturing process
    • Ensuring a profound reform of the energy sector, which will create conditions for Ukraine to achieve energy independence.
    • Getting rid of unprofitable state-owned enterprises that have turned into a heavy burden on the country’s budget by effectively managing the strategic assets
    • Creating favorable conditions for agribusinesses through providing comprehensive government support to producers.
    •  Improving the quality and affordance of transport services in Ukraine, and improving the country’s infrastructure to make it modern and integrated in international transport networks.

    When achieved, these objectives will strengthen the national budget, provide conditions for the modernization of production, enable Ukraine to become part of regional and global added value chains, encourage investment into Ukrainian economy and creation of new jobs. All these elements combined will introduce new opportunities for the Ukrainian people and will have a positive effect on the quality of life of each and every Ukrainian.