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    This reform is designed to provide people and businesses with access to quality and convenient public services free of any corruption risks.

    Digitalisation of administrative services is one of the priorities of the Ukrainian Government. We seek to digitise services and eventually redefine them completely making them logical, convenient and understandable.

    We do not want to digitise chaos and bureaucracy. Our task is challenging and requires dramatic changes: we must establish cooperation between ministries, change the existing service delivery algorithms, formulate and describe each process in plain language, design and test a new website, and even amend some laws.

    Why change anything?

    Public authorities and local governments provide more than 2,000 services, yet 91.5% of the population of Ukraine do not use online public services. It should be noted though that public services are associated with considerable inconveniences, time and financial costs.

    Electronic services in Ukraine are currently offered on a range of government portals which have different interfaces, standards and e-identification methods found by people extremely inconvenient. Besides, services have been automated with the proper re-engineering or ensuring adequate user-friendliness. There is no single approach to re-engineering and launching of e-services. Another disadvantage is that e-services cannot be used on a smartphone.

    What does the reform include?

    We are creating a digital, human-centered state. A transparent state that people can easily understand. We launch changes: less queuing — better life. Diia (Action) is your interaction with the state.

    Diia is an application which stores all important documents in one place on your smartphone.

    Diia is a portal offering all services online: fast, convenient, with humane attitude.

    Key Results

    Diia mobile application offering access to digital documents has been launched.

    The following documents are available in this mobile application:

    - a digital national Ukrainian passport of as an ID-card and a digital international Ukrainian passport (1 country in the world);

    - a digital driving license (10 countries in the world);

    - a digital vehicle registration certificate and a compulsory vehicle insurance policy;

    - a digital student ID;

    - e-mail notifications.

    The mobile application is being used by 4.5 million people.

    The Unified State Web Portal of Electronic Services Portal Diia (Action) has been launched.

    At Portal Diia, each citizen can receive e-services and data kept about them in state electronic information resources. 33 electronic services are available at Portal Diia.

    The business registration service is the fastest in the world. Users can get information from 5 registers from their citizen profiles:

    • the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, Individual Entrepreneurs and Public Organisations;

    • the State Register of Real Rights to Immovable Property;

    • the Unified State Register of Vehicles and Owners maintained by the Ministry of Internal Affairs;

    • the National Land Cadastre; and

    • the State Register of Encumbered Movable Property.

    The construction E-system has been launched to maximise automation and transparency of all sectoral processes:

    • a new secure construction register and a public portal have been introduced and offer unlimited access to information, including mapped data;

    • provision of automatic services (without the involvement of public officers) completely eliminating any corruption risks;

    • creating and keeping each document in electronic form in the system (city-planning specifications, construction certificate, etc.).

    Goals and Objectives

    Digitalisation of priority areas:

    • urban planning;

    • customs;

    • social security;

    • judicial system;

    • taxation;

    • healthcare;

    • state registration and notarial system;

    • land relations.

    Entities involved in the reform implementation

    The Ministry of Digital Transformation with the support of the Transparency and Accountability in Public Administration and Services (TAPAS) USAID/UK-funded project, EGAP programme funded by the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation and implemented by the Eastern Europe Foundation and InnovaBridge Foundation, and “ВзаємоДія!”  (SACCI) USAID project and the EGOV4UKRAINE project.

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