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  • Imagine you have practically everything it takes to open a business — money, property, reliable partners and suppliers, a market niche. However, will your company succeed if it uses up its finances uncontrollably, does not maintain its property in good order, and disregards its consumers' needs? The quality of management and the ability to use resources appropriately is of just about the top priority. And the governance system is no exception.

    The Government treats maximizing the effectiveness of governance as a priority goal, and reforms undertaken to achieve it among the most critical ones. Success of a number of other changes that our country is undergoing pivots on creation of a governance system that can produce quality transformations in Ukraine by adhering to the principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights protection, gender equality, inclusivity, and co-participation.

    The sphere of public administration and services has long remained ineffective, lacking in transparency, and closed to outsiders. The Government of Ukraine works to fulfill the following objectives to address this state of affairs and introduce good governance:

    • Create an effective system of public administration that can implement cohesive and consistent policy aimed at adequately responding to domestic and foreign challenges and sustainable social development.
    • Create a modern system of local governance that promotes dynamic development of regions and delegates maximum possible powers to the level closest to people — communities.
    • Change the approach to managing public finance for a more transparent and effective use of budget funds.
    • Introduce electronic governance elements to improve the performance and quality of public services and minimize petty corruption.

    By achieving success in these areas, we can build a high-quality system of governance and provision of public services that will work consistently and for the benefit of each citizen.