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  • Imagine you have nearly everything to start a business — money, real property, reliable partners and suppliers, a market niche. But will your business be successful if you have uncontrolled expenditure, fail to maintain your property in good condition or ignore consumer needs? The quality of management and the ability to manage resources properly play a paramount role in any business. The governance system is no exception.

    The best possible governance is one of the Government’s top priority goals, and the reforms aimed at achieving it are among the most important ones. Building a governance system that can implement quality transformations in Ukraine respecting the principles of democracy, rule of law, human rights, gender equality, inclusiveness and engagement is a prerequisite for the success of other changes our country is going through.

    The governance and public services sector has been inefficient, non-transparent and closed to outsiders for a long time. The Government of Ukraine is working on the following tasks to remedy the situation and ensure good governance:

    Success in these areas will help us build a quality governance and public services system operating consistently and to the benefit of each person.