• Українською
  • Each Ukrainian should feel safe and secure in their home country. Modern challenges and threats, primarily of hybrid nature due to a set of socio-demographic, economic, political, legal, psychological and technological factors, require a systemic response and adequate transformation of the whole security sector.

    The Government’s key tasks include:

    • creating and maintaining the potential of the defence forces necessary to deter armed aggression, ensure the steady national defence, increase the interoperability of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and other military formations with the armed forces of the NATO and EU member states;

    • creating a safe environment for the existence and development of a free society by the formulation and implementation of the internal affairs policy, enhancing public confidence in the Ministry of Internal Affairs, and continuing the development of Ukraine as a safe European state which is based on the needs of its citizens and high efficiency of each MIA component;

    • respecting the rights of military veteransimproving their social security, healthcare, psychological rehabilitation, social and professional adaptation, honouring their memory and promoting their public image.