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  • High Quality Changes Taking Place Today

    Our country has been steadily moving in recent years along the path of profound structural reforms which have already helped achieve macroeconomic stability and restore positive dynamics of the Ukrainian economy despite a number of foreign and domestic challenges. For example, the gross domestic product has been steadily growing for 12 quarters in a row, capital expenses and public revenues rising, public debt consistently declining, infrastructural and productive facilities expanded and upgraded at a rate unprecedented in the country’s history.

    Transformations taking place now in all key areas of the country’s life lay the foundation for medium-term high quality changes, improved wellbeing and a higher standard of living for all of us, the Ukrainian people.

    The Government’s comprehensive and result-oriented effort is focused on achieving a number of strategic goals, such as:

    Creating a strong and solid economy, equal rights and opportunities for everyone without exception, the rule of law, high-quality health care and education, social protection — the Government is making daily effort for everyone to experience real changes in these and other areas. 

    We are changing the present for a better tomorrow.

    This section is moderating by the Reforms Delivery Office - an organization that helps the Government of Ukraine in designing and implementing the country's priority reforms. Using the international expertise and broad industry expertise of its specialists, the Office provides comprehensive support to the Cabinet of Ministers, supporting reforms from problem analysis and developing an idea and mechanism for its implementation to monitoring the effectiveness and communication of change.

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    Office is the part of Ukraine Reforms Architecture (URA). The Ukraine Reforms Architecture (URA) program is a joint EU-EBRD initiative, funded through the EBRD-managed Ukraine Multi-Donor Fund, with contributions from the following countries: Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, Norway, the Netherlands, Poland, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, the United States of America, and the European Union, the largest donor.