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  • Saienko Oleksandr

    Saienko Oleksandr
    Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

    Born on 29 February 1984 in Kyiv.


    2006- graduated from the National Academy of State Tax Service of Ukraine, Jurisprudence specialty.

    November 2006 — November 2009 — PhD student, Legislation Institute of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine

    2011 – certificate of Leadership Development Programs at Center for Creative Leadership, USA and Canada School of Public Service

    Labour activity:

    2003 – senior specialist, Labour and Social Protection Department, Shevchenko area state administration of Kyiv

    June 2004 - leading specialist, Legal Support of Fiscal Policy Department, Ministry of Economy and European integration

    March— December 2005 - chief consultant, Legal Support and Planning Sector, Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine, Civil Service Institutional Development Center

    February - April 2006 - senior state tax inspector, Organizational and Administrative Department, State Tax Administration of Kyiv region

    April - September 2006 – head of European integration and international cooperation sector, Strategic Development and Public Service Efficiency Department, Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine

    October 2006 – head of international cooperation sector, Civil Service Institutional Development Center, Main Department of Civil Service of Ukraine, aftermath - first Deputy Director of the Center for Adaptation of Civil Service to EU standards

    October 2009 - first Deputy Director, aftermath - head of the School of Senior Civil Service, Kyiv

    December 2011 - consultant on economic issues, International Charity Foundation Fund of Economic Reforms in Ukraine, Kyiv

    March 2014 – freelance Advisor to the Vice Prime Minister /Minister of Regional Development, Construction, Housing and Communal Services of Ukraine

    March 2015 – head of the Secretariat of the Speaker of Verkhovna Rada

    2016- Honored Lawyer of Ukraine

    14 April 2016 - appointed Minister of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine

    Awards: Commendation of Main Department of the Civil Service of Ukraine (2011)

    Fluent in English.

    Married with a daughter and two sons.

    tel.: (044) 256-73-34

    e-mail: prsaenko@kmu.gov.ua