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  • About Nomination Committee

    The Nomination Committee conducts recruitment interviews with candidates for directors and members of SOE's supervisory boards in critical economy sectors of Ukraine. 

    Recruitment interviews, setting up and work of SOE's supervisory boards are envisaged in the following regulations: 

    On March 21, 2018, to address the momentum, the Government supported the initiative of the Ministry of Economic Development and Trade of Ukraine to amend the recruitment interview procedure to make it more transparent and effective, namely: 

    • The Nomination Committee was re-designated to the level of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine; 
    • The Nomination Committee elects the directors and members of the SOE's supervisory boards in critical economy sectors of Ukraine; 
    • The Nomination Committee focuses on all the major processes: initiation of recruitment, determination of recruitment criteria, recruitment of candidates, recommendations on contract conditions with winners; 
    • Number of members of the Nomination Committee decreased from 18 down to 8 members, independent members including (9 voting ministers and 9 independent non-voting members); 
    • Instead of several nomination commissions under the ministries, one nomination commission under the Nomination Committee accountable for pre-recruitment of candidates was set up; 
    • To disable any political influence on recruitment of candidates, professional recruitment companies (recruiters) are hired; 
    • All the working procedures of the Nomination Committee and wholesome recruitment procedures are elaborated clearly.