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  • Address by Defense Minister Oleksii Reznikov
    Ministry of Defence of Ukraine, posted 14 March 2022 18:21

    Dear Ukrainians!

    Today is the 19-th day of defense against a full-scale Russian invasion.

    Our defenders, our brave men and women are continuing to inflict significant losses to the Russian occupants every single day. Our army, national and border guards, soldiers from all defense sectors are constantly sending these uninvited guests back home. As cargo. 

    The burials of these invaders are taking place in dozens of Russian cities and villages. Even their all-out propaganda is already unable to conceal the losses. 

    It is in these very days that one can really feel how the country has changed in the 8 years of war. 

    Today we celebrate the Ukrainian Volunteer Day. In 2014, thousands of citizens rose up to defend our country and helped contain the blow when the government was disorganized. This took place when military institutions had been destroyed for years and years. The volunteers inspired many by their example. 

    Now our Armed Forces are successfully crushing the interventionists and showing not only mass examples of valor and heroism, but also high professionalism. The whole country is supporting its warriors. 

    Everyone sees that on the ground our army is among the best in the world and the strongest in Europe. 

    Our Air Force and air defense units have already “surprised” 167 Russian planes and helicopters as well as destroyed dozens of missiles which the enemy tried to fire on peaceful cities. 

    The strengthening of air and missile defense is now a top priority. We are working around the clock to obtain respective support or purchase the required weaponry. Frankly speaking, it is not easy. Because not everyone who makes such decisions has the same willpower as the Ukrainian people. 

    The President of Ukraine, the Government and the Verkhovna Rada are all in their places and are working for our defense. And even more importantly: there is synergy between state authorities and citizens. This is our invincible force. We will cherish this trust and unity above all else. 

    These days we recall the beginning of the war, the events in Crimea and Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Although the situation in Southern Ukraine is very complicated now, we see that the enemy is losing confidence. The “aliens” in Crimea are very nervous, some are preparing to run away. And for a good reason. 

    It is because our army and citizens in Mariupol are displaying superhuman resilience. It is because our people in Kherson, Gola Prystan, Henichesk, Kakhovka, Melitopol, Berdyansk and other places are showing the “lost” occupants the direction they deserve. Terrorists have no place in here and will never hold on. 

    There are still many challenges ahead. It will be very difficult. That is why we must not lose focus. 

    I understand that these are extremely difficult times for millions of people. There is fatigue, some of us experience burnout. Those who lost their loved ones or whose relatives are under Russian shelling need special support. As well as those who have lost their homes and do not understand how to live on. 

    I want to tell all of you: we will overcome everything! No one, not even us, fully understood our strength. That is why we did not believe in ourselves. 

    But today we are all fully convinced that Ukraine is not just a State. Ukraine is a big family! We may quarrel but will stand firmly for one another.

    We will overcome everything. 

    We are doing everything possible and impossible to save those who are in the enemy’s claws, to ensure humanitarian corridors. 

    We are doing everything possible and impossible to strengthen the army and reset the economy in times of war. 

    It is very difficult. But we can do it. We have lasted for a day, for a week, for two weeks. We have been defending our home for almost three weeks now. We are firmly holding the line. Although for lots of people it is still one endless 24 February.

    I ask all of our citizens every day to stop for at least a few minutes and do something that supports you and your inner power. Because every one of us is important and needed by the country. 

    Look at the sky, at your favorite tree or flower. Read a book. Knit mittens. Or camouflage nets. 

    Look though the photos of loved ones and relatives, hug them if they are near you, write an SMS or call if there is connection, drop them an e-mail on how you will rest and travel after victory. 

    Human thoughts are material. And our thoughts are also getting us closer to the inevitable victory over the invader. 

    Try to sleep. Do not forget to drink water. Talk to loved ones not only about the war. Leave the alcohol until victory. Later we will celebrate everything together.

    Every day is a step to our victory and their defeat. 

    Let us bring victory closer, everyone in his or her own place: and we will complete this path faster.  

    Hold the line!

    Glory to Ukraine!