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  • Over a week another 100 families of police and rescue officers joined the program of MIA financial leasing, says Arsen Avakov
    Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine, posted 05 September 2019 17:16

    Over a week, another 100 families of police officers and rescuers have joined the MIA's financial leasing program. This was announced today by the Minister of Interior Arsen Avakov, on September 5.

    “Within a week, another 100 families of police officers and rescuers joined the Ministry of the Interior's financial leasing program. They received not just an apartment under a preferential leasing program, but their housing, social security, happy families - and the motivation to serve the people with honor! Police and rescue officers, each of you has the opportunity to get your own home”, said Arsen Avakov.

    The Rescue and Police Housing Program was launched 4 months ago.

    It is expected that by the end of this year, the number of such families will increase by another 1000, while the problem with the provision of rescue and police officers with housing is planned to overcome in 3 years.

    Under the terms of the MIA program for providing housing for police officers and rescuers under preferential financial leasing, the distribution of payments is as follows: the cost of servicing the leasing contract (100%) and part of the leasing payments (up to 40%) will be compensated by the state. The amount of compensation will depend on the length of service and family composition.

    For example, the period of service: from 5 to 10 years - the monthly payment is reduced by 10%; from 10 to 15 years - by 20%; from 15 years - by 30%.

    In addition, if there are children, the payment is reduced by another 5% per each child. Conditions for participation in the program: at least 2 years of service, except for the participants of the war-zone deployed. At least 5 years before retirement. It is important! No need to be on the housing register. Leasing term is not more than 20 years. There is an option of early repayment.

    The most favorable conditions are for spouses in which both family members are entitled to housing, the compensation, in this case, will double.

    It should be noted that the Ministry of Internal Affairs initiated a program to provide police and rescue officers with the housing in November 2018.