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  • In six months, ARMA transferred UAH 1 billion in assets to management by businesses
    Asset Recovery and Management Agency, posted 09 August 2021 12:23

    During Q1 2021, the Assets Recovery Management Agency (ARMA) successfully transferred to Ukrainian business for commercial use seized assets with a total value of about UAH 1 billion.

    At that, in general, for 2020 – Q1 2021, the value of the seized assets transferred to the management reached almost UAH 3 billion.

    From January to July 2021, ARMA announced 167 public competitions for the selection of professional asset managers. Among the managers elected in six months are 10 large companies that have received in temporary use, in particular, an oil pipeline, a hotel and restaurant complex, river barges, real estate in Zaporizhia, etc. Thanks to the management of these assets, ARMA maintains the positive dynamics of revenues to the State Budget.

    It should be noted that the state does not spend money on the evaluation of seized assets before the transfer of them to management, the corresponding costs are borne by the selected winners of the contests. In addition, since last year, ARMA has introduced the practice of independent review of valuation reports, which allows to establish a more objective value of seized assets.