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  • Ukraine's Hydrogen Strategy can become the basis for international cooperation in hydrogen energy sector, says German Galushchenko
    Ministry of Energy of Ukraine, posted 22 October 2021 09:38

    Minister of Energy German Galushchenko discussed with representatives of the USAID Energy Security Project framework recommendations for the creation of the Hydrogen Strategy of Ukraine, developed jointly by specialists from the Ministry of Energy and USAID experts. The discussion was attended by Deputy Minister, Chairman of the Working Group on Hydrogen Strategy Development Yulia Pidkomorna, Head of the State Agency on Energy Efficiency and Energy Saving Valerii Bezus, Director at USAID Office of Economic Growth Chris Abrams, USAID Project Manager Dean White.

    The Strategy will include three key elements of hydrogen energy: production, transportation and storage of hydrogen. According to expert recommendations, the implementation of the Strategy will take place in three stages: 2021-2025, 2025 - 2030 and after 2030. During each of these stages, the determining of the main tasks and areas of activity, infrastructure development, creation of a regulatory framework and implementation of pilot projects and areas for cooperation are envisaged.

    "The hydrogen strategy is critical for Ukraine. It can be a worthy basis for international cooperation, especially with the United States. We can start pilot hydrogen projects based on nuclear energy. In Europe, due to the energy crisis, it is being said more and more often that nuclear energy is pure carbon-free energy. We also support this position," said Energy Minister Herman Galushchenko.

    The preparation of framework recommendations for the creation of the Hydrogen Strategy was preceded by numerous meetings and workshops on the basis of the working group of the Ministry of Energy to develop the strategy, discussions with Ukrainian and international experts, studying world experience. The framework recommendations will be discussed with stakeholders and market participants, who should provide suggestions and comments. The drafting of the Strategy itself will begin after the proposals of all stakeholders have been processed.